"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Affiliation: Autobot
Function: Autobot Leader

First Fictional Appearance: 
Transformers Movie, July 4, 2007

First Comic Appearance: Transfromers None, however his pre-earth form was given significant notice in the prequel novel, "Transformers: Ghosts of the Past"

Summoned by a signal from one of his bravest warriors, Optimus Prime thunders down through the space above Earth and racesinto battle.  His protoform body tracing a fiery path across the sky.  Most powerful among the Autobots, he is dedicated to the recovery of the Allspark and the protection of both the humans on earth and his own people back on Cybertron.  Scanning an earth truck, he morphs into a form that will allo him to hide until the time comes to enter battle against Megatron!

Below is listed an excerpt from the Transformers, movie Guide Book, written by Simon Furman.  Therein, Mr. Furman provides this explanation of Protoforms:

"Trans-Scanning, Local Camouflage:  Chameleons by nature, Transofmers are constantly adapting their forms either to blend in on other worlds or to traverse the vast distance between them.  In preparation for deep space travel, a Transformer will shed its current exo-structure, returning to its most basic form, a protoform, before transforming into a protective transition mode.  Transformers can trans-scan a vehicle or life form and reformat their own protoform, adopting a new exo structure.

Regarding the alternate travel mode, space dust and ice coat the transition mode in motion, creating the illusion of a comet or meteor.

Click here or the picture below to see a larger, high-rez version of the image...

Shown below, Autobots penetrate Earth's atmosphere, en route to a controlled impact on the planet surface.

Other Appearances: No other character has made more appearances and had more different versions and forms!  It all began with the 1984 classic Generation 1 original.  His first recreation came 4 years later, the Powermaster form was released in 1987. (Sorry, no character page yet!)  His final G1 appearance came in a far less popular Action Master form in 1990.  

Next came the first "G2" Generation 2 version in 1993.  The cab looked almost exactly the same, red color scheme, but had trailor in a more ominous black color scheme.  In 1994 there was the air powered rocket launcher.  And in 1995 there were actually two versions of OP.  The quite popular 'laser rod' (included electronic light up energon weapon) and the considerably less cool "gobots" version.  A matchbox size simple TF that, truth be told, seemed very unlike every other Optimus Prime produced before (or after!)

The Beast Wars began in 1996. And with it, a character many fans related to Optimus Prime, called Optimus Primal.  First a blue Bat.  Then the Maximal Commander Gorilla we all grew to love!  

More toy pix:
robot mode, cool pose!
robot mode, big pic
vehicle mode, left side view
vehicle mode upper right side view
vehicle mode, side view right
vehicle mode, back view right
vehicle mode, back view left
vehicle mode, back view left

2007 Other appearances of this Optimus Prime:  Fortunately, among the protoforms seen in the movie, we get among the best view of Optimus' protoform.  Of course, there are (perhaps too) many versions of the movie truck form from the Transformers live action Movie, Leader Class, Voyager Class, Target Exclusive Voyager Class, Deluxe Class, Protoform, Fast Action Battler, CyberSlammer and Titanium...


There was the "Machine Wars" Optimus Prime released in 1997.  Followed by the Transmetal Optimus Primal in 1998 (Robotic Gorilla w/ organic component humanoid form)...  While the masterful Beast Wars story editors Bob Forward and Larry DiTillo explained that Primal was in fact, a different individual, with the same name, there is an interesting fact.  At the end of the second season, in order to save Optimus PRIME, Optimus Primal took the spark of Prime and housed it in his body, 'transforming' him into, Optimal Optimus.  The toy was released later in 1998.  So, although they are different individuals, they shared the same body for a time, and presumably Primal took on some of the knowledge, wisdom and experience of the original Prime.  To me, although different, they are most certainly connected.  

Following the Beast Wars, Optimus Primal returned to Cybertron and fought the Vehicon menace in "Beast Machines."  For which several toys were produced.  In 2000 there was a deluxe Optimus Primal as well as "Primal Prime." Read the Wreckers storylines produced by Botcon 2001 for details on this Prime's origin.  In 2001 "Blast Punch" Optimus Primal and the begining of...

Robots in Disguise began in the latter part of 2001, an "alternate universe" of TF's with an Optimus Prime character that turned into a fire truck.  Great toy, lousy shows... definitely a different individual with the same name.

The last (and best in my opinion) Optimus Primal figure was produced in 2002  "Air Attack" Optimus Primal (sorry no character page available yet) was sold as part of the RID line though he was a perfect replica of the 2000-2001 Beast Machines Op Primal.

Also in 2002, TF: Armada began and with it the next generation of Optimus Prime.  I have many theories about the connection between Armada to the rest of the TF universe; which I won't get into in this area.  Suffice it to say that Armada OP and the G1 original are in many ways connected. 

In 2003 Optimus Prime was released in a more posable, show accurate ($10 deluxe) version as well as a recolored "Final Battle" Optimus Prime, a recolor of the previous year's Armada Prime.

2004 bought two new versions.  The Optimus Prime of TF: Energon is a 'combiner' of sorts and is the latest version of the OP character from TF: Armada.  The best version yet, came next  "Masterpiece Prime" was and is today a fan favorite, made of die-cast metal, an accessories galore, this 20th anniversary version looks exactly like what we fans always pictured the G1 classic to be.  I'm sure it's not the last Optimus Prime that'll be built. But at least in this fan's eyes, I do believe that this version will forever be remembered as the best.

2005, brought one of the most popular incarnation of Optimus Prime in awhile, Transformers: Cybertron Optimus Prime

2006 Galaxy Force Optimus Prime, a minor recolor of the Cybertron Original.  Also, Transformers, "Classics" Optimus Prime and a recolor of the Armada Deluxe Optimus Prime in Galaxy Force style colors.