Machine Wars:

Function: Leader
"Freedom is the right
of all sentient beings!"

First Cartoon Appearance:
None, in this form
First Comics Appearance:
None, in this form

Other Appearances: The Machine Wars Optimus Prime has not appeared in any official facet of the Transformers Universe.  However, graphic artist Matt Kuphaldt was nice enough to share with us some of his work including Machine Wars characters and other Transformers illustrations.  Of course there's also G1 original, Powermaster, Action Master, various G2 versions, the RID version and all those many Optimus Primals Armada, Energon, Cybertron, Movie, etc.

Oops!  I guess I had him transformed a bit incorrectly! Shame on me! :)  Here's my original picture.

To the left is a picture of him transformed accurately on display at BotCon 2004...>>

Miscellaneous facts: 
* The box art used for MW for this toy is that of G2 Laser Prime modified to look like MW Prime.  

* This toy was originally sold in Europe only as part of the G2 Transformers line.  His name is "Thunderclash" and he was is the leader of a subgroup called Turbomasters.

* The picture to the right shows him correctly transformed in robot and base mode. Thanks to J. Rodriguez for sending me this excellent picture.

* Originally he could hold ten small missiles that would roll down into the cannons for repeat firing.