Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Autobot Leader

"We will put out the fires of evil!"

First toy appearance: late summer 2001

First show appearance: RID episode 1, September 8th, 2001

First Cartoon Appearance:
Dreamwave, TF: Armada #16 (seen in alternate dimension portal with Prowl).

Optimus Prime is the wise and courageous leader of the AUTOBOTS.  He loves all creatures and will fight with every last spark of energy to defend the planet Earth and its inhabitants from MEGATRON and his evil plan of conquest and destruction.  He dreams of a lasting peace on the planet and in the universe.  He has battled the PREDACONS many times and saved countless lives.  His ferocity is legendary -his anger against injustice blazes like a six-alarm fire within him.

SPEED:  10
RANK:  10
SKILL:  10

Click these links to see additional pictures:
toy - Mega-robot mode
toy - Fire Engine, w/ ladder in different angles
toy - Battle station!

Other Appearances:  All I can say is that you've got a lot to learn about Transformers if you've never heard Optimus Prime before!  The specific way that this Optimus Prime is connected to the others is, thus far, unknown.  Here is a list of other Optimus Primes from the TF Universe: 

1984: The Original Optimus Prime
1988: Power Master Optimus Prime
1990: Action Master Optimus Prime
1993: Generation 2 Optimus Prime
1994: G2 "HERO" Optimus Prime
1995: G2 Laser Optimus Prime
1995: G2 "gobots" Optimus Prime
1997: Machine Wars Optimus Prime

I won't link to the various incarnations of Optimus Primal (bat, gorilla, Transmetal, Optimal Optimus...) of Beast Wars and Beast Machines.  Although Op Primal is connected to Optimus Prime (Primal shared the spark of the original Prime to become Optimal Optimus...) the two are in fact different individuals.  Thoroughly confused? GREAT! :)

Just think how cool it would'a been if these characters had a new show that was 3D computer animated!  Well, thanks to this art from the card which came with the toys when they were released in Japan, we can get a glimpse of what that might have been like!

As if all this coolness wasn't great enough!  Optimus Prime combines with Ultra Magnus to form OMEGA PRIME!   Once a page is created for Omega Prime a LINK will be placed here.  For now, these pics will just have to suffice! :)