Function: Autobot Commander
Allegiance: Autobot

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Another pic of Optimus Prime

First cartoon Appearance: 
none -as an Action Master

Other Appearances: Optimus Prime likely made more appearances than any other Transformer I know!  Here are the ones I can remember:

1984: The original Optimus Prime
1988: Power Master Optimus Prime
: this Action Master version
1993: Generation 2, a recolor of the original 
1994: G2, "Heros" version
1995: G2 silly "gobots" version & Laser Op
Beast Wars/Mach Op Primals were connected through the matrix, but are different individuals.
1997 Beast Machines version
2001: Robots in Disguise: Optimus Prime

First (and last) Comic Appearance:
Transformers #80, the final issue,
shown to the left, he 're-birth' in his
(gasp/gag!) Action Master version


Shown to the right, you can see the final scene of the G1 Transformers comic, a sad day in Transformers history.