Beast Wars continued in '97 with many great new figures.  The first & last combiner teams of the U.S. BW were introduced which presented a fun challenge to even the older collectors.  Although the outstanding new shows were just beginning, very few of this years toys made it in.  Tripredicus got an honorable mention in the season 2 finale but only Airazor & Inferno were lucky enough to become featured characters.
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Basic Beast Wars Figures:

airazor.jpg (13636 bytes) clawjaw.jpg (16341 bytes) drillbit.jpg (16938 bytes) lasorbeak.jpg (17713 bytes) powerpinch.jpg (17435 bytes) razorclaw.jpg (18054 bytes) snarl.jpg (16625 bytes) spittor.jpg (17551 bytes)
airazor2.jpg (19825 bytes) razorclaw2.jpg (18703 bytes) ratpackfractyl.jpg (26648 bytes)

Deluxe Beast Wars Figures:

bonecrusher.jpg (21325 bytes) cybershark.jpg (18491 bytes) grimlock.jpg (21422 bytes) jetstorm.jpg (21353 bytes) k9.jpg (21118 bytes) manterror.jpg (21389 bytes) retrax.jpg (21410 bytes)

Mega Beast Wars Figures:

bboom.jpg (32123 bytes) inferno.jpg (32364 bytes) transquito.jpg (31522 bytes)

Ultra Beast Wars Figures:

magnaboss.jpg (33269 bytes) tripredicus.jpg (34363 bytes)

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