Affiliation: Predacon
Function: Infantry
Alternate mode: Common earwig 
(Forficula auricularia)
Weapon: Claw

First comic appearance: Beast Wars: The Gathering #2

“Move fast or rust.”

Profile: Power Pinch was a promising young racer on the intergalactic Squeeze Circuit, the exciting full-contact racing league where speed is combined with strength and determination. Survival is the objective for winning. Power Pinch however, yearned to join the Maximals and explore space. Having been awakened as a Predacon, he puts these skills to use for them. He has a short attention span, and the only things that ease his programming are movement and upgrading. He is found constantly upgrading his internal operations to increase his speed and efficiency. Every moment not spent on the battlefield is spent in diagnostics chambers and retrofitting rooms, gaining precious seconds on the battlefield. And these pay off on the battlefield, where he can be seen running circles around the Maximals. His disorienting speed and powerful claw give him a great advantage in battle, but he doesn’t let down trying to improve himself.

Abilities: Due to several refinements Powerpinch has made to his musculature and joints, he is able to run much faster than most of his comrades. Even without boosters or antigravity units his beast mode’s land speed has been clocked at 175mph. In beast mode his tail is strong enough to grab enemies in his pincers and cut into their internal circuitry before throwing them across the battlefield. In robot mode he is extremely agile. He carries a pincer weapon that can slice enemies in half or fire a neural disruption ray that slows down the movements of his victim to a virtual standstill.

Weaknesses: Powerpinch does not possess any long-range weapons. Also, his short attention span causes him to rush into battle ahead of his Predacon comrades and unaware of the strategies developed by his commanders.

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powerpinch.jpg (56926 bytes) POWERPINCH

Despite his long body length and giant pincher claws he drags behind him, Powerpinch is surprisingly fast:  six speedy legs power him forward over almost any obstacle.  His greatest assets are the powerful pincher claws that are strong enough to sever most enemies in half.  And as all Maximals know, those pincher claws are as dangerous in insect form as they are when he converts to robot mode, which is why they never underestimate the ferocity of this truly evil insect. 

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 4
Speed: 9
Endurance: 4
Rank: 2
Courage: 7
Firepower: 4
Skill: 5

Bibliography of significant appearances:

*Beast Wars: The Gathering #1: (no appearance, assumed) Stasis pod on prehistoric Earth awakened and chronal phase realigned by Razorbeast.

*Beast Wars: The Gathering #3: Ripped apart by Mutant Soundwave.

Other appearances: There have not been any other characters with the name Power Pinch. However, this mold was used to make Vicegrip and Scissorboy, a Beast Wars Second character.