Affiliation: Predacons
Function: Undercover attack
Alternate mode: Vernal crab (Liocarcinus vernalis)
Weapon: Disruptor rifle

First comic appearance: Beast Wars: The Gathering #2

“The most powerful warriors will fall with adequate patience.”

Profile: Razorclaw claims to be one of the original Predacons, dating back centuries. He went undercover and infiltrated the Axalon to free Protoform X, who he claims was also an original Predacon named Rampage. Now he is trapped on prehistoric Earth, with no way back to Cybertron. He has left signs that he hopes will be found in the future, so that his fellow "original" Predacons will come to the past to rescue him. Razorclaw will remain motionless for hours, or even days, just to bring his enemies close enough to impale with his claw's protruding cyber-spikes. In robot mode, Razorclaw behaves like a lion, even roaring at Maximals when he strikes. He climbs trees and remains motionless for extended periods. When he strikes, he does so in a quick and sadistic manner. But this battle is not why he is here. He hopes that he can collect enough parts to realign his chronal phase, so he can rejoin his compatriot Rampage. Razorclaw hates all Maximals, but especially Prowl and Grimlock. He claims they are the original Autobots of the same name sent to deter his rescue mission. There has been some speculation that he is actually a clone of the original Predacon Razorclaw.

Abilities: His radar and sonar defeating shell armor allows him to stay cloaked from Maximal sensors underwater as well as on land. His disruptor rifle causes temporary paralysis.

Weaknesses: Razorclaw cares nothing for the battle on prehistoric Earth, unless it means going back to Cybertron. Also, his couplings may become locked if he does not move for long periods.

Bibliography of significant appearances:
*Beast Wars: The Gathering #1: only 1 very brief cameo appearance.  It is assumed stasis pod on prehistoric Earth awakened and chronal phase realigned by Razorbeast.

Sadly, Razorclaw's appearances even in the Beast Wars comic series, "The Gathering" and "The Ascention" are few and far between...

Other appearances: This Razorclaw was recolored as Video Razorclaw. There was also the original Razorclaw, the Predacon Leader from 1986. There was a different character named Razorclaw a recolor of the Ultra class Tigerhawk in Transformers: Universe. There was a Mini-Con named Razorclaw, a different character with the same name. Also, this mold was used to make Rockbuster, a Beast Wars Neo character. It is possible that the character seen at the end of Botcon 2007's Dawn of Future's Past comic, a Cybertron Leobreaker repaint in G1 Predacon colors, may also claim to be the original Razorclaw. Time will tell.

Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Infantry
Cartoon/Comic appearance: none

Capable of remaining motionless beneath a layer of sand, Razorclaw is one of the best quick-attack specialists they've got! When enemies approach his hidden location, his powerful pincher claw shoots up through the surface to capture and impale victims with the claw's protruding cyber spikes! Radar defeating shell armor allows him to stay cloaked from Maximal sensors. Blasting rifle in secondary claw fires disrupter particles temporarily paralyzing his unsuspecting prey.