C L A W   J A W
“Run silent, run deep.”

Affiliation: Maximal
Function: Underwater attack
Alternate mode: Giant s
Architeuthis dux

Weapon: Metal-slashing claw
Beast Wars Second name: スクーバ Scuba

Strength: 6

First Cartoon Appearance: None in North America Beast Wars Series

First comic appearance: Beast Wars: The Gathering #2

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Profile: Claw Jaw inhabits the deepest, coldest depths of the sea. He has created a lair for himself and other seaborne Maximals. He was once very close to the Maximal known as Depth Charge, but their relationship grew very bitter. Claw Jaw volunteered to shadow the secret mission to destroy Protoform X just to get in good graces with Depth Charge. Now he is stuck in a different chonal phase than Depth Charge and Rampage on prehistoric Earth. Claw Jaw does not like the other land based Maximals, but then he never really did. He will obey the commanders only because that is the right thing to do. Claw Jaw feels close to Cybershark, Air Hammer and Torca. He respects Torca as a general and as a friend. When faced with adversity, he becomes very aggressive. He uses his tentacles and razor-sharp fangs to attack Predacons and drain their energon. Claw Jaw has become savage rivals with Razorclaw, the Predacon crab and spends much of his time hunting down the stealthy Predacon warrior.

Abilities: He can drain an enemy's power by extracting Energon from their bodies directly through his suction-cup tentacles.

Weaknesses: While a force to be reckoned in the water, Claw Jaw's beast mode is poorly adapted to traverse terrestrial terrain.  Other than Torca, he is not fond of the other Maximal commanders and follows orders reluctantly.

clawjaw.jpg (56926 bytes) CLAW JAW

From the deepest depths of the sea, Claw Jaw emerges to attack Predacon enemies that stray too close to his underwater lair.  By wrapping his eight powerful arms around them in a constrictive vice grip.  Claw Jaw drains his victim's powers by extracting energon from their bodies through his suction-cup arms.  The four razor sharp fangs surrounding this cyber suid's mouth make him a potent warrior, as does his robotic metal-mashing claw weapon.

Bibliography of significant appearances:

*Beast Wars: The Gathering #1: (no appearance, assumed) Stasis pod on prehistoric Earth awakened and chronal phase realigned by Razorbeast.
*Beast Wars: The Gathering #2: (brief) Attempts to rendezvous with Razorbeast's Maximals.

There were various cameo (usually battle scene) appearances of Claw Jaw in Beast Wars comic "The Ascending" series, but he did not play a significant role...

Other appearances: This character would become Transmetal Claw Jaw, a European exclusive. This mold would be used to make Ikard, a Beast Wars Second character. Note that while Claw Jaw and Scuba are identical toys, they should be considered separate characters.

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