Transformers Animated: Optimus Prime (Voyager Class) Earth Mode

Affiliation: Commander of a space bridge repair team, now stranded on Earth

Alternate mode: ~Futuristic Earth Fire Truck
Weapon: Axe, grappler cables

First cartoon appearance: Transformers Animated, intro movie, Transform and Roll Out

"While I function, Earth is under my protection."

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OPTIMUS PRIME (Voiced by David Kaye)

OPTIMUS PRIME is a young (by Cybertronian standards) commander of a ragtag and largely inexperienced group of misfit AUTOBOTS. Hes a born leader, a natural tactician, a dedicated never-say-die fighter and a master of improvisation in the face of adversity. Unassuming, humble, friendly and cheerful, Prime comes across as The Bot Next Door. He takes his mission and his men with the utmost seriousness, but is still able to relate to them as a regular guy. Hes not the kind of leader who needs to bark orders to command respect (besides, hes got RATCHET to do that for him). 

Robot Mode Power: OPTIMUS PRIME has the ability to change any part of his robotic body into a tool or gadget. His arsenal includes a jet-powered axe, grappler and fire extinguisher.

Vehicle Mode Appearance: Fire Truck.

Character description from package "tech spec":  When Optimus Prime crashed to Earth with the rest of the Autobots, he didn't really know what it meant to be a hero.  He spent most of his time in space dreaming of glory, but it wasn't until he was first faced with the terrible decisions that inevitably come with leadership that he finally understood.  He became a true hero - a being who does what he does not for glory and fame, but because no one else can.

Galactic Powers and Abilities:
> Supplementary battle armor
> Rocket assisted axe
> Grapnel launcher in arm

Other appearances: If you're reading this page, then you know, there have been a great many Optimus Prime characters throughout the Transformers toy and fiction.  Here are is a sample of this evergrowing list!

* 1984 the classic Generation 1 original
* 1987 Powermaster Optimus Prime (Sorry, no character page yet!) and the decoy.
* 1990 in Action Master form
* 1993 G2 form red cab w/ black recolor trailer.
* 1994 G2 air power rocket launcher
* 1995  'laser rod' Optimus Prime and the considerably less cool "gobots" version.

The Beast Wars began in 1996. And with it, a character many fans related to Optimus Prime, called Optimus Primal.  Although their sparks were temporarily merged, Primal and Optimus Prime were defined by the story authors to be different individuals.  

* 1997 "Machine Wars" Optimus Prime
* 2000 " Primal Prime." 
* 2001 Robots in Disguise an "alternate universe" Optimus Prime
"Unicron Trilogy"
* 2002, TF: Armada Optimus Prime
2003 a deluxe Armada Optimus Prime and recolored "Final Battle" Optimus Prime
* 2004 Energon Optimus Prime and  "Masterpiece" Optimus Prime
* 2005 Cybertron Optimus Prime
* 2006 Galaxy Force Optimus Prime
* 2007 Optimus Prime... wow, lots of versions associated with the Transformers live action Movie, Deluxe, Leader Class, Fast Action Battler, Titanium...
* 2008 Animated in Cybetron mode (deluxe) the 2-pack deluxe packed with Cybertron Mode Megatron, Voyager Earth Mode, and Supreme class Roll Out Command
* 2009 ... T.B.A. ...  

Bibliography of significant appearances: The leader of this small band of Autobots, stranded on Earth, Optimus Prime is heavily featured in the cartoon series in virtually every episode.  He is especially prominent in the  Transformers Animated Movie introduction, " Transform and Roll Out" parts 2 and part 3, Home is Where the Spark Is, Thrill of the Hunt, Megatron Rising part 1 and part 2, Return of the HeadmasterMission Accomplished, Black Friday and A Bridge Too Close parts 2.

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