2002 was a busy & productive year for Transformers and their fans! You'll find this page divided into 3 subsections: Robots in Disguise: the primary line of 2001, came to a conclusion in in the early months of 2002, the continuation of the  Miscellaneous Transformers section where you'll find "My First TFs," "Playschool, BIG Adventure TF's and the BotCon 2002 Exclusives (eventually!)  The third section shown immediately below includes the most highly anticipated event of the year, the all new series: Transformers Armada.  

Featuring awesome new comics and toys (and shows which does have its bright moments, but IMHO  the dialog writing leaves much to be desired).  As near as we can tell, the Armada storyline takes place a little after the end of the G1 plotline and well before the Maximal/ Predacon upgrade that leads to the Beast Wars.  In Armada we learn of another awesome subsection of robotic beings from Cybertron; not necessarily allies of Autobots or Decepticons, the Mini-cons.  Their background seen on packaging is paraphrased below...

The Autobots & Decepticons battle for control of their home planet Cybertron.  Meanwhile, a signal reaches them from a lost race of Transformers, revealing the existence of the Mini-Con robots on planet Earth!  Having awakened from centuries of hibernation, the Autobots and Decepticons follow the signal, each one hoping to be the first to find them.  Whoever partners with the Mini-cons, gains powerful new abilities!  The fate of the Earth and the Universe depends on who controls these small 'bots!...

Air Defense Team

Land Military Team

Street Action Team

Destruction Team
Race Team
Space Team
Street Speed Team

Cyclonus w/ Crumplezone

Demolisher w/ Blackout

Hot Shot w/ Jolt


Sideways w/
Crosswise & Rook

Smokescreen w/ Liftor

Red Alert w/ Longarm

Scavenger w/ Rollbar

Starscream w/ Swindle

Megatron w/ Leader-1

Optimus Prime w/ Sparkplug

Air Defense Team
-Fire Saber-

Land Military Team

Destruction Team
Race Team

While fans waited impatiently for Armada, there were several new additions to the Transformers: Robots in Disguise line.  With the shows ending in May, primary characters, like Scourge had yet to be released.  

Even more interestingly, there were two carry-over primary Beast Machines figures Megatron: Megabolt (the giant floating head!) and Supreme Optimus Primal, were released in RID packaging as store "exclusives."  Here they are, the few, the proud, the 2002 RID toys!



Optimus Prime

Scourge & X-Brawn

Ultra Magnus


Side Burn


Storm Jet

Megatron Megabolt

Nightcruz, Mirage GT, Scavenger

Sideways & Axer


Air Attack
Optimus Primal


BotCon exclusives
Rook (Europe)


Japanese online retailer e-hobby started to offer recolors of G1 toys with new names. An extended G1, complete with bios.
Road Rage


Immediately below, miscellaneous Transformers including the "Playskool Transformers" (Cheetor, Gorillabot, Mototron, and Speedbot)  the Tonka 1-2-3 Transformers (Charlie Chopper and Policeman Pete,) and G1 remake key chains.





Charlie Chopper

Policeman Pete

Bumblebee Keychain

Cliffjumper Keychain

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