HOT SHOT  with Mini-Con JOLT

Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Warrior

First Cartoon Appearance: 
episode 1, First Encounter

First Comic Appearance: 
Transformers: Armada #1

"Well let's go!"

Hot Shot is a young, heroic fighter who rushes into danger without regard to his own safety. He courageously charges into the middle of the fight to aid his friends in battle. He has taken charge in several battles, showing great leadership potential. But he needs the guidance of his elders before he can hope to lead the AUTOBOTS. Will he learn to be a leader who strives for good, or will his reckless nature ruin his promising future?

Strength:  6.0
Intelligence:  7.0
Speed:  9.0
Indurance:  6.0
Rank:  5.0
Courage:  8.0
Firepower:  4.0
Skill:  5.0

Other Appearances: Hot Shot has never made any other appearances in the TF: Universe, besides his Armada self.  However, there has been speculation that Hot Shot as the young, brash, rush-in-head-first, 'yellow' confidant to Optimus Prime; just might be the ~2010 (whenever Armada story take place) version of  "Cheetor" from Beast Wars/Mach.  This of course, is pure (fun) speculation and wishful thinking on some people's part.

On this and other TF: Armada character pages, you'll notice where possible, I use exclusively pictures from the comics, rather than the cartoons which I am not a fan of.  My sincere hope is that we fans pay more attention to the stories with better art and MOST important, well written stories.  Our goal, of this and other Armada character pages, is to figure out how these characters and stories fit into the rest of the TF universe.  Unfortunately, many of the story writers (including those of the comics) want to re-write the history Cybertron of the TF's we grew up with! It's up to us fans to try and sew it all together!  Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome. 


First Cartoon Appearance: DW, TF: Armada #1