Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior

First Cartoon Appearance: 
episode 1, First Encounter

First Comic Appearance: 
Transformers: Armada #1

"Out of my way! Attack!"

CYCLONUS is so reckless that even his own DECEPTICON allies are afraid of him. While performing aerial attacks, he may suddenly fly off to attack a lone AUTOBOT, leaving his companions unprotected. MEGATRON likes to let him loose because he's so dangerous in battle, but he has trouble stopping him once he gets started. Will CYCLONUS ever learn to control his savage recklessness?

another pic of Cyclonus in bot mode.

Strength:  8.0
Intelligence:  5.0
Speed:  8.0
Indurance:  7.0
Rank:  5.0
Courage:  8.0
Firepower:  7.0
Skill:  5.0

Other Appearances: This Cyclonus has never made any other appearances in the TF: Universe, besides his Armada self.  However, he does share a name with the more deadly G1 Decepticon, Galvatron's right-hand-bot after the events of TF the movie.  This toy was first released in 1986  That Cyclonus was reformatted and played a major role in the BotCon TF storylines, on-going...

I like to think that these characters have their 'Armada' adventures sometime after the year 2010.  After the ending of the G1 shows and happen to share the same names as many of the G1 characters, but are not the same individuals.  Given Cyclonus personality, he certainly shows no resemblance to the G1 individual.

Crumplezone is an original character name and is the first time it has been used.  There is another character with the same name, released years later (2005) that Crumplezone a native of Velocitron, is the partner of Ransack and surely a different individual than the Armada Mini-con.

First Cartoon Appearance:  TF Armada episode #: _
First Comic Appearance: Dreamwave TF Armada #1

Another pic of Cyclonus in the comics