Desctruction Team:


"Destroy and conquer!"
Allegiance: Mini-Con

First Cartoon Appearance:

First Comic Appearance:
The destruction team makes a cameo appearance in Armada #2, seemingly not aboard the vessel of mini-cons that escapes w/ the Air Def Team.  However, this seems to  contradict later events as they're somehow reunited with the other Mini-cons on the moon base in later issues...  



The ultimate in destruction MINI-CONS, this team creates chaos wherever it goes. Cutting, drilling, and rolling into action, they are able to take on any TRANSFORMER. They have incredible individual strength and the awesome ability to attach to the helicopter, CYCLONUS, to maximize their fighting power. CYCLONUS has figured out how to use these demolition-driven Mini-cons to create the most damage possible.

Strength:  6.0
Intelligence:  5.0
Speed:  6.0
Endurance:  7.0
Rank:  5.0
Courage:  6.0
Firepower:  6.0
Skill:  7.0