Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Ground Munitions

First Cartoon Appearance: 
episode 1, First Encounter

First Comic Appearance: 
Transformers: Armada #1

"As you command."

DEMOLISHOR fights ferociously in every battle to which he's sent, regardless of the odds. If MEGATRON tells him to do something, he does it without hesitation. To DEMOLISHOR, a leader must always be obeyed at any cost. MEGATRON values the unswerving loyalty of his best soldier, but abandons him, when necessary, to save his own life. DEMOLISHOR has never resented any of these betrayals. But will there come a day when DEMOLISHOR questions the orders of his leader?

Our goal, of this and other Armada character pages, is to figure out how these characters and stories fit into the rest of the TF universe.  Unfortunately, many of the story writers (including those of the comics) want to re-write the history Cybertron of the TF's we grew up with! It's up to us fans to try and sew it all together.  Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome. 


Other Appearances: Demolisher has never before appeared in the TF: Universe, besides his Armada self.  

As far as the Armada storyline itself, I like to think that these characters have their 'Armada' adventures sometime after the year 2010, after the ending of the G1 comic/ shows.

Strength:  8.0
Intelligence:  5.0
Speed:  8.0
Indurance:  7.0
Rank:  5.0
Courage:  8.0
Firepower:  7.0
Skill:  5.0

Another pic of Demolisher
in tank mode.

First Comic Appearance: Armada #1