Allegiance: Predacon

"The Earth is Mine!"

First toy appearance: late summer 2001

First Cartoon Appearance: TF:RID episode 1

The brilliant and evil leader of the Predacons, Megatron will destroy anything and anyone in order to get what he wants.  And what he wants on Earth is the energy contained in the planet.  But Megatron has no interest in sharing -he'll conquer the planet and take it all for himself.  He has survived numerous battles and is an excellent fighter -making him a deadly enemy.  His many victories have helped him gain the power of a six-step change skill.

Other Appearances: Hm, let's see, has Megatron ever appeared before in TFs?!?!       Well! Where should I begin?  First we'll say that the Megatron of "RID" may or may not be in some way connected to the other "Megatrons" in the Transformers Universe. That said, there was...

1984: original "G1" Megatron
1990: Actionmaster Megatron
1993: G2 Megatron (electronic green tank)
1994: G2 Megatron (purple tank, air rocket)
1995: G2 Megatron ("gobots" car!)
1996: Original Beast Wars Megatron
: Transmetal Megatron
1999: Transmetal 2 Megatron
2000: Beast Machines Megatron (dragon)
2001: This version R.I.D. Megatron
2002: Megabolt Megatron and the first of the new line Armada Megatron
2003: none (Armada Megatron got a recolored version, renamed as Galvatron)
2004: Energon Megatron,  plus the smaller version of the same toy sold as a two pack with Powerlinx Optimus Prime
2005: TF:Cybertron Megatron...

Bonus Pictures!!!

I always thought it'd be cool if these characters would've had a show animated by Mainframe!  Dang, that would've been sweet.  The art shown at the right is taken from the card which came w/ each toy in Japan.  It gives us a glimpse of what Megatron might have looked like in CGI animation.