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In 1990, TFs Micromaster line continued w/ several new patrols, bases & combiner pair teams.  As the Micromasters were phased out, the "Action Masters" were introduced.

At the time, we thought it would mean the end of all Transformers!  And it almost was!  Yea, Action Masters lacked the pazaz their name implied.  They were Transformers -that didn't transform! and most fans weren't fond of them.  Yet despite how much they are disliked by original TF collectors, theire prices remain relatively high.  Why?  Simple economics:  They sold poorly, so Hasbro didn't make many of them.  Low supply and a growing demand among TF 'completists' results in higher prices!  I once had an offer to trade 3 different MIB Japanese combiner-sets for a loose Action Master Megatron!  Seriously!  Well here they are, the Transformers of 1990!
autobot.jpg (14862 bytes) The Autobots
of 1990
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decepticon.jpg (14862 bytes) The Decepticons
of 1990
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