'99 is a busy year for Transformers & their fans!  Sadly, the Beast Wars show came to an end & B.Machines, season 1 airs Saturdays from Sept. through Dec.  All new TF toys this year carry the BW "Transmetal 2" logo (even tho Tigherhawk is more like a Fuzor!)  Hasbro also released re-colored versions of many of the popular show characters, in anticipation of the success of BW & BMachines airing on FOX Mon-Sat, allowing new group of kids to see the it for the first time.
As one of the few pages on unicron.com that's something close to "done," I must take this opportunity to brag and say that ALL box pictures shown below ARE links to pages dedicated to each character!  So, please enjoy your visit to the BWTF99 page!

Basic Beast Wars Figures:

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Deluxe Beast Wars Figures:

cheetor.jpg (22417 bytes) dinobot.jpg (22832 bytes) iguanus.jpg (14141 bytes) jawbreaker.jpg (16876 bytes) prowl.jpg (17497 bytes) ramulus.jpg (22097 bytes) scourge.jpg (20996 bytes)
cheetororig.jpg (16272 bytes) dinobotorig.jpg (14574 bytes) rhinox.jpg (14125 bytes) wal-rat.jpg (16072 bytes) waspinator.jpg (17215 bytes)

Animorphs: TF Deluxe figures:

Group shot from Tomarts 61, Feb 99
Do any of you care about these?  Would you like to see more pics?

Mega Beast Wars Figures:

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Ultra Beast Wars Figures:

megatron.jpg (49448 bytes)        tigerhawk.jpg (43005 bytes)

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