Since the very early days when we began collecting, we have always enjoyed finding ways to make our favorite toys & displays better (see our Alterations Blog for details!)  Since then, our means to make toys cooler has developed considerably

Welcome to the Accessories for Collectors Section.  Here, we outline the products we have designed and manufactured, how and where to buy them, and even shed some light on items we've dreamed of making, but for one reason or another, have not done yet.

Debuted online in the spring of 2009, comes our sixth Accessory Set.  Click the link below for all the details!

It has long been a goal of ours to contribute our  accessory sets to the official Transformers Collector Convention, "Botcon."  In  2007, we achieved this new milestone, producing a set to compliment their Exclusive, "Alpha Trion" figure.  This, our fifth accessory pack, was debuted at Botcon in October, 2007 and included:

* super-computer orb
* clear polycarbonate stand enabling it to 'float.'
* Key to Vector Sigma.

The super-computer orb and key each come with a multi-layer paint coating to give it a glossy, metallic shine. 

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In 2006 we unveiled a set for Beast Wars Transformers fans, in its 10th Anniversary.  Each Golden Disk Accessory Set includes two solid metal alloy disks: one an exact replica of the real Golden Disk, sent aboard the Voager Space Shuttle, a second disk with Alien Symbols,  and the infamous 'disk reader'.  This piece is an original molded attachement that easily connects to Transmetal Megatron's tail.

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To the left, you'll see our second product offering which debuted at the official TF collector's convention in 2003.  It's a figure stand for Unicron (of course, it works with Energon or Armada versions of the toy) allowing him to "float" in planet mode. CLICK THIS LINK to learn all the details and answers to frequently asked questions.  

I have an extremely limited number remaining, (less than 10) if you're desparate, send me an e-mail ( I can probably hook you up with one. 

Energy Cubes, 10 per pack: SOLD OUT:
Our third Accessory pack was unveiled in the summer of 2004, to coincide w/ Transformers Energon series of that time.  Fans of the original series use this set to compliment their G1 figures.  Cubes can be stored and displayed with or without the glistening energy inside.

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We released our first ever Accessory Pack in July, 2000. It featured items to compliment figures of the Beast Machines Transformers series which was going strong at that time.  Each pack included:

* figure stand for deluxe (/basic) Thrust figure
* figure stand for Blackarachnia
* 2 swords and a mount bracket for Cheetor
* Key to Vector Sigma

Complete packs have been SOLD OUT for some time.  However, we have a limited quantity of Blackarachnia Stands, Cheetor Swords/Bracket) available for direct shipment ($6 each).  Contact with questions or to place order. 

So where can you find and buy these rare energon goodies?

No question about it!  It was ambitious! Shown to the left, you can see one idea we had for a Diagnostic Drone.  It's still possible that this may be produced, but for now our next step/plans involve other ideas!  (insert evil cackle, laughter here!)  But we thought it'd be a shame to let all that work go to complete waste, so we hope you enjoy THIS PAGE which gives some insight into our process of TF Accessory design and manufacture.

We're interested in your feedback.  Send product questions, comments or suggestions to  Thank you for your continued support!

-Lukis Bros.

"Everything's a Buck!"  
Scott McNeil (voice of Rattrap, Dinobot, Waspinator, & Silverbolt)
shouted as he lends us a hand at BotCon '99!

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