Someday, someway I need to make a point to find a place on this site to tell you about all of the 'failed experiments' we had trying to come up with the design for these things!  Ha ha ha.  Jeez, we tried everything from a 5 sided part with a lid, ultra-sonic welding and a hardening translucent resin material w/ suspended glitter... Good grief!  What we did come up w/ is a little more elegant and a lot less messy!

You'll notice that each of these two parts are identical.  For you math wizards out there, quiz yourself w/ this: try to come up with a design where two identical parts can fit together to form a perfect cube, with seams in the ~correct places!~  Believe us, it's no easy task! 

This was our challenge, PLUS, we wanted it to *snap* together AND *snap* apart easily, without requiring glue/adhesive.  This is what we came up with!

Credit to Brian it's his simple and genius design and thanks to it, here are the "Instructions:"

From the pack, take two pieces (doesn't matter which, they're all identical!)  Align them as shown in the picture and 'click' them together or apart as needed! :)

Like our earlier figure stands, each piece is made with crystal clear poly-carbonate.

The next challenge was the *energ-, um "ENERGY!"  ;)    Hm, when fans of Transformers think of Energ-, energy, what color do they think of???  Even the 3 of us brothers disagreed even on this simple point!  "PINK," one of us said.  "GLOWING and GLITTERY" the other said.  I said, "Rainbow blotchy..."

Believe me when I tell you there are entirely different set of stories associated with our search for just the right look!.  What we came up with was: ALL OF THE ABOVE!  It IS pink, it IS glowing, and IS also rainbow blotchy looking!  In fact, it looks like it's got sparks flying around inside the cube!  When we stumbled upon the means to produce this... Well, that's when I really got EXCITED!  This is it.  All I can say is that pictures don't do it justice.  It looks different colors >MORE than just the pink, silver and purple you can discern in these pictures.  The best I can do to describe it is to say it is a holographic 'sparks' pattern that looks different from different angles, and different in different types of light... which exceeded my expectations of what I ever thought possible.

Each is manufactured on reasonably heavy card-stock sturdy enough to hold its shape.  Each is pre-cut and pre-creased.

Instructions: Don't fold any crease more than a 90 degree angle.  Bend to about 45 degrees, and close each half of the cube around it until it is held together.  That's it!  Simple as that!

CLICK HERE for a larger, higher rez picture

Then, simply take the Energy Card, put it between two halves of the cube shell and close it together! 


Here it is! The culmination of months of effort, time, money, stress and brain power!!!!

Okay, so you think that just one looks cool?  How about 10, how about 20...!  All intermingled in your favorite Transformers set-ups!  Here are just a few examples we came up w/!

As you can see to the right, YES, it just so happens that it works quite nicely: 2-wide, 3-deep in the new dump truck mode of Energon Demolisher.

Other pics of Energy Cubes w/ Masterpiece Prime, Picture1, Picture2


How about next to the original SOUNDWAVE!

Or even the Terrorcons after a successful
daily plunder!

"How Much?" you ask.
Well, we figure $2 per cube * 10 cubes per pack = $20

$20 for a pack
of 10 cubes

This is a summer convention -only special price.)

More package pictures:.
In package pic 1
In package pic 2
In package pic 3
In package pic 4

We will offer this, our third Accessory Pack for sale at the big summer Transformers conventions, BotCon (June 19-20) and OTFCC (July 31- Aug1) for the convention special pricing of $20/pack. If you aren't able to attend the big shows this year?  You've got options too!

  They are also available online (pre-order, only for now) through

$22.99 for a pack of 10
or special price 'in bulk'
5 packs of 10 for $104.99

By the way, if you don't have your stand for Unicron in planet mode yet, (first of all, what are you waitin for! :)  Second, don't forget you can pick one up while you're there too!