Who wants to display the mighty and menacing UNICRON in planet mode, sitting on a table, pinchers pointing straight up????  Not us!  

We personally designed and manufactured this figure stand to allow the Armada/Energon Unicron figure to "float" in planet mode with the correct orientation.  It debuted at the official Transformers Collector Convention in Chicago, 2003 and has been a big hit ever since!  

You can click each of the following links to get answers to common FAQ's:

Can I see more pictures? Yes, just click these links:  Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, w/ long clear stand pole

Are there any assembly instructions? YES!!
What's included with each stand? ANSWER!
Does the stand work for any other figures?

How much are they and where can I buy one?
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How much are they?  The suggested retail price is $20.  However, our online dealer-partners are can charge whatever they like.  We sold them at show special price of $15.  Visit each site to learn specifics.

Working with various on-line dealers, allow us time to devote to the design & manufacture new items/accessories, as well as updating the website!  And unlike us, these guys are set-up for distribution, w/ items in stock, ready to ship!  Visit any of the following to place your order. 

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