Available now (while supplies last) the set costs $29.99 (USD) & is available for purchase at Bigbadtoystore.com!

Starting with the packaging, each set will be sent in a collector grade box of our design and specifications.  Like the old G1 combiner team gift-sets, we always loved it when you could put toys back in the box for display.  Such is the case here. Components of the set are individually mounted in foam inserts and viewable through a clear poly window.  


All of us here at Unicron.com are proud to present the crown jewel of this, our sixth Accessory Set for collectors!  We hope you take a minute to enjoy our favorite photos:

"Matrix Envy"
"Light our Darkest Hour!"
"Open, dammit open!"
"You want it? Come'n get it!"
"I said, I've GOT it!"
" Wall Dark!"

with all the components of the set


Remember the good-ole-days; when we'd open those G1 toys, then proceed to 'take ownership' by enjoying the challenge of sticker application?  So do we, and we loved it! :)

Every Unicron.com Accessory Set #6 includes two sticker/label sheets required for two cuffs, two magnet weapons and the outer casing.  If we do say so ourselves, these components look pretty fantastic without the stickers and even better with them!


These babies may not *actually* be able to bring your Dinobots toys to life, but they sure look like they could!

Color matched, matte finish for the animated aesthetic we were shooting for, they're as easy to attach and detach as all of his other gadgets!  In fact, they use the exact same mechanism.  Once our parts are in place, the figure's elbows can be bent all the way without those black parts flipping up. 


We searched the world looking for just the right material to produce the perfect cuff!  And we think we found it!  Durable, flexible (but retains its shape) just the right color and given an awesome matte finish which provides a nice cell animated aesthetic.  Plus, as you can see, each cuff comes bristling with "energon-ey goodness!"

Each Unicron.com Accessory set includes two (2) cuffs per pack...


Heavily featured and much sought after by our favorite characters, we hope you enjoy this complete look at the first component included with the Unicron.com Accessory Set #6.  Each image below is a link to the image in gallery format.  Once you're in this screne, click "Large" above the image to see it in its largest, full resolution.


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