Transformers The War Within: PROWL

"Logic is the ultimate weapon."

Affiliation: Autobots
Function: Military Strategist 

Alternate mode:  Cybertronian Law Enforcement Hovercraft

Weapon: shoulder mounted cannons launch wire guided incendiary missiles

First Cartoon Appearance: none (in this form)

First Comics Appearance: War Within, Volume 1, issue 1

The most single-minded of  all the Autobots, Prowl is sometimes referred to as the "the commander's Sharkticon" because of the way he seizes a problem and refuses to let it go until it is solved.  He rivals even Shockwave in the fields of cryptology, logistics and strategic planning.  In fact, the two of them will occasionally engage in complex shadow wars that rages just beneath the surface of an ongoing battle, logical games designed more to frustrate and confound each other than secure victory for their sides.

Prowl believes that there is a reason for all things.  He struggles to understand tha perspective even of his enemies, believing that if he can discern the logical underpinnings of the Decepticon cause he can devise a strategy for final victory.  Though he is often torn by emotions in conflict with his logic, he has difficulty understanding how others can be so ruled by feeling and instinct.  He believes that all creatures behave according to some complex arithmetic and that if he could only work it out, he could bring peace to the universe.

unique feature:  Highly advanced logic circuits

Strength:  7
intelligence: 9
speed:  7
endurance:  9
rank:  9
courage:  9
firepower:  4
skill:  9 

Other appearances: The War Within comics published by Dreamwave Comics, were set on Cybertron and tell stories of many popular G1 characters before the events of the cartoon series, told in 1984.  Though the events in this series run contrary to G1 episodes such as "War Dawn."  (A different origin story for Optimus Prime.)  Most fans consider these characters to be the same indifiduals as those of G1 cartoons.  Below is a complete list of other characters with the same name: 

* 1984 the classic Generation 1 original
* 1987 as a rubber decoy
* 1990 as an Action Master.
(no G2 Versions)
* 1997 the lion component of the Magnaboss combiner team.  There was also the Machine Wars version.
* 1999 a very cool Transmetal 2 version.
* 2001 one of the 3 " Car Robot Brothers" of R.I.D. series.
* 2002 Recolored RID version.  
* 2004 Universe Spychanger Prowl
* 2007 the character was released in several (very) different incarnations.  This the TF: Animated Prowl, Titanium War Within Prowl, and Universe (Classics 2.) Prowl a well done revision of the G1 police car.  

Bibliography of significant appearances: Prowl plays a major role in each of the first two War Within comic series.  Seemingly the second in command while Optimus Prime is not in the immediate vicinity, Prowl rallies the Autobot troops, provides advise to the new Autobot Leader (Optimus) and even leads a strike force of Autobots to investigate an experimental Decepticon battle platform Trypticon.  The stories of War Within tell of the early days of the Great War on Cybertron as Optimus Prime (and many other G1 personas) develop.

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