Allegiance: Autobot
First toy appearance: late summer 2001
First Cartoon Appearance: TF:RID episode 1 September 8th, 2001
First Comic Appearance: Dreamwave, TF: Armada #16 seen in alternate dimension portal

Prowl added a new spark engine to his configuration to improve his mobility and searching ability.  With high-capacity radars on both his shoulders, he can instantly find enemies hiding in a 300 km radius.  And once he finds them, they're history.  He has electronic systems for jamming radios or hacking into systems.

Additional pic: Prowl in car-mode

Other appearances:  Prowl is a legend of the "G1 Transformers" Universe.  He was one of the original Autobots of 1984, a police car who was one of the original Optimus Prime's most trusted military strategists. Whether or not this Prowl and the original are the same individual is, for now, debatable...

What would these characters have looked like in Beast Wars/Machines CGI?  This art from the japanese cards gives us a glimpse!  Ah, how sweet that would'a been!