Transformers Animated: Prowl

Affiliation: Autobots
Function: Spy, Space Bridge Repair Crew Member.

Alternate mode:  Police Motorcycle
Weapon: Chinese Star, tho Prowl will often utilize items in his environment as weapons when the occassion arrises

First cartoon appearance: Transformers Animated, intro movie, "Transform and Roll Out"

"Through stillness you will find truth."

We wish to extend a special thanks to Cartoon Network PR Department for providing with character bios and information.

(Voiced by Jeff Bennett)

PROWL is dark, sleek, agile, mysterious, and the ninja of the team. He speaks only when he has to, and even then as briefly as possible. Of all the AUTOBOTS, he’s the most skilled in direct combat. A natural spy, PROWL can infiltrate most any location unseen and unheard, so he’s used for reconnaissance more than any other Autobot. He is a bot of very little talk and much action. He’s unflappable, precise and has developed a keen interest in organic life.

Robot Mode Power: PROWL is an expert in camouflaging himself. He can turn virtually any object into a weapon. He also has keener senses—higher rez everything—than the other AUTOBOTS. 

Vehicle Mode Appearance: Police Motorcycle.

Character description from package "tech spec":  Prowl has spent his life studying the secrets of the ancient art of Circuit-Su.  Through its teachings, he has discovered the beauty of pure logic, and the invincibility of reason.  all things - even combat - are subject to reason.  If one is willing to calmly apply one's mental faculties to any problem, the solution will soon reveal itself.  He often finds the chaotic antics of humans and other Autobots frustrating, but he will stop at nothing in their defense.

Galactic Powers and Abilities:
* Master of Circuit-Su.
* Projects holograms for use as camouflage.
Can use any object as a weapon.

Other appearances: Although there are many similarities, the personality of Transformers Animated Prowl is quite different than other characters with the same name in the Transformers Universe.  Below is a list of those I can remember!: 

* 1984 the classic Generation 1 original
* 1987 as a rubber decoy
* 1990 as an Action Master.
(no G2 Versions)
* 1997 the lion component of the Magnaboss combiner team.  There was also the Machine Wars version.
* 1999 a very cool Transmetal 2 version.
* 2001 one of the 3 " Car Robot Brothers" of R.I.D. series.
* 2002 Recolored RID version.  
* 2004 Universe Spychanger Prowl
* 2007 the character was released in several (very) different incarnations.  This the TF: Animated Prowl, Titanium War Within Prowl, and Universe (Classics 2.) Prowl a well done revision of the G1 police car.  

Bibliography of significant appearances: Among core characters of the Autobot crew, Prowl plays a part in virtually every episode.  He played an especially featured role in episode 1 Home is Where the Spark Is, 3 Blast from the Past, 4 Thrill of the Hunt,  11 Nature Calls, 20 A Fistful of Energon, 24 A Bridge Too Close, part 2...

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