"Where are Decepticons?  Me Grimlock getting hungry!"

Affiliation: Loosely associated with the Autobots, but his primarily loyalty lies with his Dinobot sub-group

Function: Dinobot Leader

Alternate mode:  Tyrannosaurus Rex

Weapon: Flaming Energon Sword, Dino fire breath

First Cartoon Appearance: episode 3 Blast From the Past

First Comics Appearance: None, yet as of 11/2008

We have not been provided with official character bio and description for Animated Grimlock so, this leaves a lot open to fan interpretation.  As one fan's lone opinion, and yes, I know I may be in the minority here, but because he is personified so much in his G1 likeness, I like to imagine that the G1 Grimlock and his Dinobots perished in an untold story of generation one.  With their sparks being, "one with the Allspark" who's to say that Sari's Allspark infused key couldn't have reincarnated the G1 characters in Transformers Animated...  In its infinite wisdom, Grimlock and the Dinobots still have work to do in providing back-up to this new era of Autobots.

Official character description from package "tech spec:"
Grimlock more than lives up to the reputation of his Tyrannosaurus Rex mode.  Ill tempered, powerful, and always ready for a fight, he loves to throw his weight around.  He likes the way the ground shakes as he stomps around and the way people scatter when he roars.  He's happiest on Dinobot Island, where he can stomp and roar to his Spark's content, shatter trees with his tail and breath jets of flame into the sky.  Every once in a while, though he prefers to find the biggest, most powerful Decepticon he can and smash its chassis to pieces!

Galactic Powers and abilities:
> Fire breath can melt granite.
> create on Earth
> Just as strong as Megatron.

Other appearances: 

Other appearances: Whether you see Animated Grimlock as connected to any of the others, below is a list of other Grimlock toys throughout the years. 

* 1985 was the first G1 Original
* 1989 released as Classic Pretender
* 1990 in Action Master form
* 1993 the G1 toy was recolored in gray, blue and turquoise for G2.
* 1997 in Beast Wars Grimlock
* 2001 in TF: RID sorry, no character page yet...
* 2003 Transformers Dinobots Grimlock ( reclolor of BW Dinobot, in ~universe resembling packaging.)
* 2004 an Energon Combiner, 3 inch Titanium G1 Grimlock
* 2007 Transformers Classics
* 2008 reborn in Animated and Titanium War Within Grimlock and Activator Grimlock.

* 2009 25th Anniversary Masterpiece Grimlock, coming soon.

Bibliography of significant appearances: Grimlock plays a slightly larger role in Transformers Animated than his Dinobot comrades, given that he's giving a significant speaking role.  He is features in the following episodes:

03  Blast From the Past
09 Survival of the Fittest
12 Megatron Rising, part 1
13 Lead writer, Marty Isenberg has revealed in the Transformers collector comic that the Dinobots were originally going to be a part of Megatron Rising, Part 2.  However, when they, "got the animation back" they realized they, "couldn't use it."  He went on to hint that fans should be glad of this as the premise was that the Dinobots were going to show up and try to help the Autobots, but Megatron, in his new form effortlessly annihilated them!  Good deal.  Let's pretend that didn't happen! 
14 The Elite Guard
23 Black Friday

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