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"Among the winners there is no room for the weak."

Affiliation: Autobot
Sub-group: Pretenders

Primary function: 

Alternate mode: 
Tyrannosaurus Rex


First cartoon appearance: None

First comic appearance:  Pretender Shell appeared in Transformers #57, First actual #58 (Marvel Comics)

excerpt from Transformers: MTMTE (More than Meets the Eye, published by DW comics in 2003

Profile: Grimlock is still the toughest, most ill tempered Dinobot but he's now being forced to back up his long standing claims that he's teh best choice for Autobot leader.  No longer just in charge of the dinobots, Grimlock now occupies an important position in the overall Autobot hierarchy, forcing him to deal with all the demands an responsibilities of a full fledged commander.  Although some Autobots aren't convinced that Grimlock could handle it, he's taking it very seriously.  At the very least, Optimus Prime seems to think thee's potential there.

Weapons and Abilities:  Subject is the strongest of all the dinobots and one of the most powerful Autobots.  He is an intelligent an capable commander although his interpersonal skills leave much to be desired.  Subject despises his human-like armored Pretender shell whi is equipped with a jet pack and atom smasher submachine gun that can penetrate most enemy armor.  Subject's inner robot is armed with a double barreled rocket launcher and energo sword.  Dinosaur mode's teeth are capable of snapping a Transformer in two; experimental jet boosters have been added to the legs in this mode.

Weaknesses:  Subject has no physical weaknesses, although his arrogence undermines his abilities.  The jet boosters in his dinosaur mode are extremely awkward to use.


Bibliography of significant appearances:

* Transformers (Marvel Comics) #57: Megatron returns and abducts Ratchet.  Back on Cybertron, Ratchet is forced to use his technical know how to bring Starscream back to life in the form of a pretender.  In the process, Ratchet spys the 'prototypes' of 3 other Pretender shells he will use to repair 3 fallen comrades who are now with him on Cybertron: Grimlock, Goldbug (Bumblebee) and Jazz.
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* Transformers #58 (Marvel Comics)  
After successfully resurrecting Starscream in the form of a Pretender, Ratchet sneakily uses the same technology to repair his fallen friends including Pretender Grimlock.

* Transformers #59 (Marvel Comics)
Featuring the less than fantastic art of Jose Delbo, Grimlock and his fellow Classic Pretenders kick butt!

* Transformers #60 (Marvel Comics)
After leading on more Autobots on Cybertron to victory, Grimlock, Bumblebee and Jazz run into some serious competition in the form of the new year's Pretenders, Bludgeon, Stranglehold and Octopunch.  Pretender Grimlock also plays a key roll in the first ever U.S. appearance of the Transformers "planet/god" PRIMUS!

* Transformers #61 (Marvel Comics)
Following a long battle with the Decepticon Pretenders, it is a blast from Stranglehold which ricochets off Grimlock's back and into the 'face' of Primus which causes him to awaken!

* Transformers (Marvel) #65 - Pretender Grimlock plays major role in Simon Furman's "Matrix Quest" story line, and eventually gets whipped by a Matrix empowered Pretender Thunderwing!

* Transformers #69 (Marvel Comics) Grimlock leave the Autobots, seeking to restore his fellow Dinobot comrades.

* Transformers #70 (Marvel Comics)
His final episode as a pretender, Grimlock begins seeks to revive his fellow Dinobots and powers up on a strange new power source, "Nucleon."  In so doing, he loses the ability to transform and becomes an " Action Master."  Revival shown in episode #72

 Robot mode toy pix:
robot mode, side angle
robot mode, side angle LARGE 1c
robot mode, back 1d
robot mode, straight-on side
robot mode, w/ weapon

More comic pix:
with friends 3f
" they're dead" 3d

More pretender shell pictures:
straight-on w/o helmet 3b
slight angle w/o helmet 3c
slight angle w/ helmet 3d
head close-up w/ helmet 3k
side angle w/ helmet 3f
back angle w/ helmet 3g
back of pretender shell 3h
back angle full 3i
pretender shell side 3j 
head close-up 3 l 
gun/sword weapon 3 n 
holding gun/sword 3 o
holding gun/sword 3 p
robot in shell 3 q

Other appearances: Grimlock is a fan favorite who has made many appearances throughout the Transformers Universe. 
* 1985 was the first, G1 Original
* 1988 released as Classic Pretender
* 1990 in Action Master form
* 1997 in Beast Wars
* 2001 in TF: R.I.D. sorry, no character page yet...
* 2004 an Energon Combiner w/ Swoop.
* multiple 3 inch "Titanium" renditions and an unreleased War Within 6" Titanium
* 2006 Transformers Classics
* 2008 reborn in TF: Animated

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