Allegiance: Autobot

Function: Autobot Leader

"Let's hit the road Autobots;
we have a planet to save"

First toy appearance: 
late summer 2001

First show appearance:
RID episode # 

Ultra Magnus changes into a transport truck and can carry Autobot warriors over long distances at incredible speed.  He is a professional soldier loaded with the fierce and fiery weapon, Blue Bolts.  He can also fly with his turbo charged, high powered jet engine.  He and Optimus Prime can join together to created a super- powerful force of strength and wisdom; Omega Prime.

Strength:  10
Intelligence:  10
Speed:  9
Endurance:  9
Rank:  10
Courage:  10
Firepower:  10
Skill: 10

Other Appearances:  Ultra Magnus first appeared in Transformers: the Movie as the first inheritor of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.  The first and only other Ultra Magnus toy was first released in 1986.


O M E G A    P R I M E



Another pic of
Omega Prime

Check out those sweet hands and fore-arms!