Personal review/ note:  I always thought this was a pretty nifty figure.  To me, the only real criticism of this toy is the discrepancy between toy and what we saw in the show.   

What's interesting to me, is when you view the CONCEPT ART1, CONCEPT ART2 we see a strange amalgam between show and toy version.  Rather than the show likeness being based on the toy, as had been the case for Beast Wars characters, it seems obvious to me that both the show and toy were each based on the concept art; as each has more similarities w/ C.A. than each other. 

Also, the complete lack of toy swords, did result in overall good in that it single-handedly paved the way for us to produce our very first Accessory pack... !  Which led to other great things to come... as you well know!

Beast Machines Mega

First Cartoon Appearance:
Beast Machines, episode 1
The Reformatting

Other Appearances:  No other character in all of Transformers has been remade more! Not Optimus Prime, not Optimus Primal, not Megatron!  Cheetor was one of the original Beast Wars figures of 1996.  Was re-made as a Transmetal in 1998 and again as a "Transmetal 2" in 1999.  In this year 2000 he was produced as a Mega and as a Supreme, and appeared again in 2001 as Night slash Cheetor. 

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