"Stand your ground, AUTOBOTS!"

Affiliation: Autobot 
Function: Autobot Elite Guard Supreme Commander

Alternate mode: 
Assault Carrier
Weapon: Expanding Mass Hammer

First cartoon appearance: Transformers Animated, intro movie, Transform and Roll Out

(Voiced by Jeff Benett)

Character description from package "tech spec":

Commander of the cybertron Elite Guard, Ultra Magnus is the most powerful autobot warrior in the galaxy.  He has trained for hundred of solar cycles in all forms of combat known on Cybertron, and several other planets.  No Autobot is more corageous, or more dedicated to the protection of life and freedom.  He is a master tactician who has never been beaten on a battlefield, and was instrumental in driving the Decepticons from Cybertron and into deep space.

> Carries several experimental weapons.

> Expanding Mass Hammer also controls local weather

> Even older than Autobot Ratchet

Bibliography of significant appearances: Ultra Magnus is one of the few besides the "core characters" of the series to appear in the series introduction movie, "Transform and Roll Out" After that, the Autobots on Cybertron lost contact with those on Earth under Optimus Prime's command.  So fans had to wait until:
14 The Elite Guard: Ultra Magnus and the Autobot Elite Guard arrive on Earth.
15 Return of the Headmaster: a background character, but it was his presence that kept Sentinel Prime so on edge! :)
16 Mission Accomplished: Ultra Magnus orders Optimus and others back to Cybertron, until the Decepticon threat on Earth is revealed.  Smart decision following his point-blank shot in the face by Starscream! 
27-29: Transwarped
31. Where is Thy Sting: Ultra Magnus orders Sentinel Prime, Jazz and the jet twins: Jet Fire and Jetstorm to track down the Autobot traitor, Wasp.  Once the true tratior is revealed on Earth, Shockwave makes his move, nearly kills Ultra Magnus and steals his hammer.

Other Appearances:

- 1986 - G1 Original Ultra Magnus, initial inheritor of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership in TFTM
- 2001 - R.I.D. Ultra Magnus
- 2002 - basic class R.I.D. Ultra Magnus
- 2003
- 2004 - Energon Ultra Magnus ( Over-Load recolor), Universe Ultra Magnus
- 2005 - Cybertron Ultra Magnus (RID toy in Cybertron package)
- 2006 - Japan only Masterpiece Ultra Magnus (white recolor of Masterpiece Optimus Prime)
- 2007 - Classics Ultra Magnus
- 2008 - Transformers Animated Leader Class Ultra Magnus.  Fans Project makes a accessory set upgrade for Classics Ultra Magnus called "City Commander"

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