Affiliation: Autobots
Function: Space Bridge Repair Crew Member,
Elite Guard hopeful.

Alternate mode:  Compact Police Detective’s Car
Weapon: Electro Stingers

First cartoon appearance: Transformers Animated, intro movie, "Transform and Roll Out"

"Enough talk, it's time for action."

We wish to extend a special thanks to Cartoon Network PR Department for providing with character bios and information.

(Voiced by Bumper Robinson)
"I'm the fastest thing on wheels!"

BUMBLEBEE is the “kid” of the team, easily the youngest and the least mature of the Autobots. He’s over-eager, over-confident and constantly overcompensating for his diminutive stature. Fast-talking, wise-cracking, scheming and hyperactive, Bumblebee is not nearly as cool as he imagines himself to be. Then again, nobody could possibly be as cool as BUMBLEBEE imagines himself to be. He’s a total showoff, always acting on impulse and rarely considering the consequences. And he’s always getting in way over his head, although most things are way over his head. But don’t mention that to BUMBLEBEE; he’s very sensitive about his height. 

Robot Mode Power: Bumblebee can create electric force “stings,” allowing him to stun enemies or blast his way through whatever’s in his path. He’s also the fastest of the Autobots, in both vehicle and robot mode. 

Vehicle Mode Appearance: Compact Police Detective’s Car.

Character description from package "tech spec":  The youngest robot on the crew, Bumblebee is what some -especially Autobot Ratchet -would call over-eager.  It's not his fault he prefers action over talk.  Talk is just, you know, boring.  Wspecially when you could be racing at top speed into a fight or boosting into the air to launch a few well-plased energy stingers at a enemy.  Nothing scares Bumblebee, not even Megatron!

Other appearances: It is interesting to note that in the original pilot series, this character in the shows was originally cast as the Autobot " Hot Shot" who was a primary character in the "Unicron Trilogy" of TF: Armada, Energon, and Cybertron.  I think it's interesting, because this explains much of his persona.  His personality is still very much reminiscent of Hot Shot.  But now he has the name Bumblebee thanks to lobbying by the show's producers...  Here are a list of other Bumblebee characters in the Transformers universe/mythos: 

* 1984 the classic Generation 1 original
* 1987 His first 're-appearance' was a new-mold, new-name (same individual) Throttlebot called Goldbug and decoy
* 1989 He returned as a Pretender "Classic"  (sorry no character page yet).
* 1990 as an Action Master.
* 1993 a vacuum metalized G2 version.
* 2002 key chain remold.  
* 2007 he was featured with many toys including Ultimate, deluxe 1970-something camaro, 2008 concept camero, a Bumblebee Unleashed statue, and several "Fast Action Battler" versions all based on the live action movie.
* 2008 he was among the " core character" Autobots to be featured in the Transformers: Animated series and received several recolors of his movie toy Stealth Bumblebee, Premium (movie) Bumblebee and Elite Guard Bumblebee.

Bibliography of significant appearances: Among core characters of the Autobot crew, Bumblebee plays a part in virtually every episode.  He played an especially featured role in Total MeltdownNanosec, Garbage In, Garbage OutNature CallsVelocity, S.U.V. Society of Ultimate Villany and Autoboot Camp...

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