Transformers Movie:
Ultimate Bumblebee
Affiliation: Autobots

Function: Spy
Alternate mode: 2009 Concept Comaro
Weapon: Arm Cannon shoulder mounted missiles
First Appearance in animation: Transformers the Movie
First Appearance: Transformers Movie Prequel Comic


Click the YouTube video link to see a demo of an early prototype of some animatronic features found in this upcoming release of movie Bumblebee. Features include: 
Robot Mode: he has animatronic movable arms, auto firing gun, light up eyes, and he will play the 80's tune Wip-it and other tunes heard in the movie as well. 
Car Mode:When you push the car along it makes acceleration noises. When you stop the car you hear break sounds and the break lights illuminate. It will play music and the car has working headlights.

Full sized Bumblebee prop on set

Rendered 3D style from movie


First description:
(given by movie story writers)
He's the same underdog character, the scout, the one that comes ahead of the Autobots, the smallest of the gang.

Box Text:
Sent to Earth by Optimus Prime ahead of the other Autobots this tough robot's job is to do what he does best: gather information, find the keeper of the secrets of the AllSpark and remain hidden. Bumblebee works best in silence and solitude, acting as an unseen guarding over his assigned target. Don't let the fact that he likes to remain hidden fool you though - when it comes to a fight, he rushes in, both plasma cannons blazing!

Other appearances: 
His first 're-appearance' was a new-mold, new-name (same individual) Throttlebot in 1987 called Goldbug.  He later came back as a Pretender "Classic" in 1989 (sorry no character page available yet).  He appeared as an Action Master in 1990 and then a vacuum metalized G2 version in 1993 as part of the G2 Transformers line.  There was also the key chain in 2002.  G1 version Released later in Japan w/ a retooled head which more closely resembles the show. Most recently seen as Classic G1 Bumblebee in the Transformers Classics line in 2006.

photo gallery links:

toy in car mode:
full shot of car mode
front end grill and wheel
rear (notice no license plate)
gas cap
underneath prototype

robot mode:
nice full shot
different angle
different angle close up

robot details:
license plate on torso
correctly transformed ankles
hood/chest separation
head and hood/chest
head/chest different angle