Affiliation: Autobots
Function: Spy
Alternate mode: World Rally Car (closely resembles a Peugeot 206)
Accessory: Jet-ski/jet pack

"Data is power."

Profile: After some time away from Earth, Bumblebee would return and take this new form. He is the first Autobot to return to Earth since their departure some years ago. His mission is to investigate and record any alien, especially Decepticon, involvement on Earth. Bumblebee is loaded with an array of sophisticated data retrieval devices, including a roof mounted camera, and a hood mounted sensor array. He also contains advanced communications. He can use his jet pack to fly short-range observation missions. He is also able to close his body off from the elements and traverse underwater. His jet-ski can often be found floating on the surface above his position. Bumblebee takes his job very importantly even though he sometimes feels inferior to stronger or smarter Autobots.

Abilities: A skilled spy, even the Autobots forget he is there sometimes. Fast processor is able to sort the large array of sensor inputs.

Weaknesses: Bumblebee thinks that he is underappreciated by the Autobot warriors. He is also unarmed.

Strength: 3
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 6
Endurance: 4
Rank: 7
Courage: 10
Fireblast: 4
Skill: 9
More pictures:
Car mode, left front side
Car mode, left rear side
Car mode, top right
Car mode, top front
Car mode, right rear side
Car mode, top
Car mode, top rear
Trailer, right side
Robot mode, front
Robot mode, front leg out
Robot mode, right front
Robot mode, right front
Robot mode, close up with jet pack
Robot mode, top with jet pack

Other appearances: The original Bumblebee from 1984 became an instant fan-favorite. He would become Goldbug, a Throttlebot from 1987. He would change back to Bumblebee as a Classic Pretender in 1989 and an Actionmaster in 1990. Generation 2 would bring a repaint of the original Bumblebee in 1993, and a Gobot named Bumblebee in 1995. Sadly, Volkswagen would not license their cars for an Alternator Bumblebee. However, we will see him as a Camaro in the upcoming live-action movie.