Transformers Classics,
Mini-con 3-pack


"We fight where others fear to go." 

Affiliation: Autobots (Dinobots)

Function: Classified
Alt modes:  Mini-con T-rex, Pterodactyl and Triceratops

First Cartoon Appearance: none, perhaps will be included in a future "webisode"

First Comics Appearance: To the best of my knowledge, (correct me if I'm wrong) only one member of the Dinobots Mini-con team has made an appearance in Transformers mythology.  This lone cameo came in the 2007 Botcon Exclusive comic, Transformers Timelines, "Games of Deception" (shown below!)

Based on the Transformers Club and Botcon comics portrayal of the "Classics-verse" we assume the characters of Classics/Universe line exist in an alternate reality/dimension, than those of most other Transformers.

Character bio from package tech spec:  Adventurers through and through, no environment is too inhospitable for the Dinobots.  In fact, these three rough robots are more at home in the thickest, most poisonous jungles of the galaxy than they are in the comfortable machiens cities of Cybertron.  When a mission requires animal instincts, sure feet and a laser-proof hide, the Dinobots are the one to call.

To the left, the art of professional graphic artist Matt Kuphaldt, who was nice enough to share with us some of his work including other Transformers illustrations on his official website. 

Bibliography of significant appearances: None, As mentioned above, only Swoop made a brief cameo appearance in the 2007 Botcon Exclusive comic, Transformers Timelines, "Games of Deception"

Other appearances: Below is a list of other characters with the same name:

- 1996 - Beast Wars original
- 1998 - Transmetal Terrorsaur
- 2003 - Armada Terrorsaur
- 2007 - Minicon Terrorsaur  

- 2007 - Minicon Knockdown
- 2008 Universe Knockdown, member of K-Mart exclusive Mini-con 12 pack.

* 1985 was the first G1 Swoop
unlike some of his Dinobot bretheren, Swoop made no appearances as a Classic Pretender, Action Master, in G2 or Beast Wars, RID or Armada.
* 2003 Dinobots "Swoop" was actually named Terranotron.
* 2004 an Energon Combiner
* 2007 a Classics Minicon Swoop!
* 2008 Animated deluxe Swoop.

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