Affiliation: Decepticon
Base planet: Speed
Primary function: 
Megatron's chief Velicotron Liason, Street Thug

Alternate mode: 
Speed Planet Race Cycle
Double Barreled Hand Blaster

Galaxy Force name: 
ガスケット (Gasket)

Cyber Key power: 
Trasher Beam

First cartoon appearance: Cybertron episode #4: Landmine

First comic appearance: None

Official character text from packaging... 

Skittish and suspicious, RANSACK is a loudmouth bully, always ready to intimidate others into giving him what he wants, but only when his big partner CRUMPLEZONE is around. With the energy of the Speed Planet flowing through his circuitry, everything about him is fast—sometimes too fast. Unable to stop thinking or moving, his hyperactive mind tends to draw connections between unconnected things, and he sees conspiracy everywhere.

Change speedy RANSACK figure from motorbike to robot and back again! Use the Speed Planet CYBER PLANET KEY to activate cool flip-out gun barrels to threaten the enemies of RANSACK! Once this evil DECEPTICON is added to your collection, the race will be on to save CYBERTRON!

• Action figure changes from Speed Planet motorbike to robot and back!
• Awesome CYBER PLANET KEY activates weapon’s flip-out gun barrels! 

cyber key code: sc92

Ransack is one half of the dastardly duo of Ransack and Crumplezone. What most citizens of the Speed Planet don't know about Ransack is that he secretly has a crush on Speed Planet leader Override! He's tried to ask her out at least five hundred times, but every time he gets the nerve up to ask her, he blows a gasket!

close-up toy pix, 
key and weapon

Profile, Abilities and Weaknesses:  
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Speed Planet: The pure racing culture of the Speed Planet is about to change forever, as it becomes the first battleground in the war for the lost Planet Keys, ancient artifacts missing for eons on the lost colonies.  In order to save Cybertron Optimus Prime sends Hot Shot and Red Alert to face the untold dangers of this lost planet and an army of Decepticons, who seek the planet keys for their own evil ends.  

The speed planet is a tangled mass of roads, trails and aerial race tracks, ruled by the dazzlingly fast Override.  For millions of years, the inhabitants of the Speed Planet have been devoted to the pursuit of perfect acceleration, tuning their vehicle forms for optimum horsepower, displacement and torque.  It is a turbo-charged world of cold air intakes, narrowed air flow profiles and stiff struts, where only the fastest survive, and the slow are left behind, grills choked with the dust of a thousand street battles.

SPEED: 8.5
SKILL: 5.5

Bibliography of significant appearances:
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Other appearances: Ransack has made no other appearances in the Transformers Universe besides his speed cycle self, a native of the Speed Planet.  "There is another Ransack character, a G1 original "Deluxe Insecticon" who first appeared on toy shelves way back in 1985.  This Ransack made no appearances throughout G1 comics or cartoons (until years later in the Dreamwave, "Micromasters" series) and can clearly be assumed to be a different individual with the same name.. There was also another different character w/ the same name, a member of the Mini-Con Adventure Team released in 2003.

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