Mini-Con Adventure Team:
Dune Runner, Iceberg and Ransack
Allegiance: Mini-con

First Cartoon Appearance: None that I'm aware of, but I could be wrong... (I do rememnber seeing a glimpse of a different colored version of Iceberg, but I don't remember seeing any of these guys in the cartoon series

Firt Comic Appearance: TF Armada #9

Bio, Weapons and Abilities, Weaknesses... text shown is taken from the awesome Dreamwave comic, TF: Armada, More Than Meets the Eye. With its other great original character art and commentary we recommend you buy yourself a copy today!


"A grain of sand never travels alone."

Bio: Dune Runner's attitude can be as sweeping as the sand of his beloved Earth dunes.  He lets everyone know when he's in a good mood, with positive comments and an easy laugh, as he tries to convince them to join in his cheer.  Although this can sometimes get annoying his comrades prefer this happy mood to his darker ones.  When Dune Runner finds something to bother him, his complaining becomes as irritating as sand in your transmission.  He's particularly likely to turn sour if some mission forces him to leave his preferred environment, the desert.  DR feels a close bond with his Adventure Team comrades, which they reciprocate.

Other Appearances: Dune Runner has made no other appearances in the TF Universe.

Weapons and Abilities:  Subject is the technical expert of the group.  Rs & IB often turn to him for valuable calculations & find conditions info to help achieve their mission goals.  He's an expert in exploration/excavation.  In his vehicle mode, he's armed with a thermo-torch blaster.  He's got excellent maneuverability and speed.

Weaknesses: Can become sullen & depressed if he's alone for too long His robot and vehcilce modes are only lightly armored, making him more vulnerable to weapons fire than average.


"Finding a way to win isn't cheating."

BIO:  Like the other members of the Adventure Team, Iceberg is equipped to do battle in a variety of harsh conditions, although he specializes in cold weather combat.  He's a bit of a scam artist, always trying to work things in his favor.  When the team first arrived on Earth he quickly volunteered them for a snow-based mission so that he could test his aptitude for his chosen environment.  Iceberg wasn't disappointed; he loves the snow and cold almost as much as he enjoys exchanging good-natuired jibes with Dune Runner.  Since his assignment to Earth, Iceberg has also developed a particular fascination for the humans' winter holiday season.

WEAPONS AND ABILITIES:  Subject is the strongest and most heavily armored of the Adventure Team.  His systems are isulated and capable of operating at extremely low temperatures.  In vehicle mode his front claws can easily clear debris or snow and are equally useful for demolishing obstacles or even opponents.

WEAKNESSES:  Subject's vehicle mode is slwo in cxomparison to other Mini-cons, but the treads give him mobility over a wide range of terrains.

Other Appearances: None that I am aware of.


"No obstacle is too great!"

BIO:Ransack is the hard-fighting team leader of his Mini-con unit and he loves his job.  His enjoyment of a challenge means he's always willing to accept a dangerous mission, which occasionally dismays Dune Runner and Iceberg.  Ransack doesn't understand their reservations about the risks he undertakes and does his best to cure them of their trepidation by including them in his hazardous operations.  Dune Runner and Iceberg aren't always thrilled when they find themselves in these situations.

Weapons & Abilities: Subject is an adequate leader and a fully trained communications officer.  He has the best balance of speed, armor and maneuverability among the Adventure Team.  In his vehicle mode, he can use his tow cable to pull loads or by launching a grapling hook, to ascend steep surfaces.

Weaknesses:  Subject's willingness to undertake a challange and ignore his limitations often puts him and has team at risk.  His tow cable has been known to jmam.  Subject can also use the touh tow hook as a hand to hand weapon.

Other Appearances: There was another character named Ransack in the TF Universe, a deluxe insecticon, but these two are most certainly different individuals w/ the same name.