Affiliation: Decepticon 
Sub group: Terrorcon  
Primary function:
Energon hunter
Alternate mode: Cougar  
Weapon: Energon powered launcher

First cartoon appearance: Energon ep 12<
Crisis in Jungle City

First comic appearance:  None  

Profile: Command Ravage was created and unleashed by Unicron. He is first seen in this color scheme (cartoon only) differentiating these ravage drones as being under the direct control of Alpha-Q versus this in the original Battle Ravage colors which are being controlled by Megatron.  Is he evolved from Battle Ravage? Maybe one of the Cougar-type clones?

Abilities: He is drawn to energon. "Eats" pure energon to collect and store it for Unicron. Has energon storage pockets on his back that glow purple when they fill up.

Weaknesses: Command Ravage's lack of size and intelligence are his major weaknesses.

Other appearances: There was a G1 cassette/jaguar named Ravage, who supposedly becomes Tripredacus Agent from Beast Wars. There is also an Alternator/Binal Tech character named Battle Ravage. The Binal Tech story for Battle Ravage says he is reconstructed from Tripredacus Agent with G1 Ravage's spark. Also, it is unclear what relationship he has with Energon Battle Ravage.  

More cartoon pix: 
beast mode 2c
beast mode 2f
beast mode 2g
beast mode 2h 

toy pix of Command Ravage in robot mode
w/ energon weapons