Allegiance: Predacon

First toy appearance: 
late summer 2001

First Cartoon Appearance: 
TF:RID episode 2

He is one of the most feared and respected Predacon warriors.  His intelligence and love of poetry fools friends and enemies into letting down their guard -only to witness his terrifying change into a merciless warrior.  The anchor arm on his left side can crush even the thickest, strongest wall like a microchip in the jaws of a shark.

Additional Pics: 
cartoon: Shark mode underwater
cartoon: robot head, close-up

Other appearances:  Skybyte has not made any other appearances in the Transformers Universe besides those of Robots in Disguise.  <While the toy is a nicely done re-colored version of the 1999 Transmetal 2 Cybershark, they are distinctly different individuals.>

What would these characters have looked like in Beast Wars/Machines CGI?  This art from the japanese cards gives us a glimpse!  Ah, how sweet that would'a been!