Microverse Playset: "Arachnid"

Although this is not technically a 'character' per say, it's a well designed toy worthy of mention in the annals of Transformers toy history.  The spider mode is reminiscent of Tarantulas color scheme and sculpt.  It turns into an ATV driven by either Micro Megatron (replica of his gator form) or Micro Tarantulas, included with toy.  This vehicle then can turn into a model replica of the Predacon base.  A nice idea and well executed at its pricepoint.

more toy pix:
ATV 1j
ATV 1k
ATV 1l
spider 2b
spider 2c
spider 2d
spider 2e
spider 2f
Base mode 1b
Base mode 1d
Base mode 1e
Base mode 1f
Base mode 1g
Base mode 1h

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