Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-Group: Targetmaster

Nebulan Component: Nightstick

Function: Saboteur

First Cartoon Appearance: The Rebirth, part 2
(in Targetmaster form)

First Comics Appearance: Headmasters #1

“Compassion is the 
Autobots' downfall.”

BIO:  (from the personal datatracks of Galvatron, Decepticon Commander)  Cyclonus fulfills my vision of the ultimate Decepticon soldier.  He is powerful, unfailingly reliable and his hatred of the Autobots knows no bounds -because he knows that the Autobots are the primary obstacle to the progress of the Decepticon cause.  Wisely, he understands that loyalty to the Decepticon cause means loyalty to me and he can be counted upon to follow my orders without question.  The irratating creature that serves as his partner, Nightstick, was a Nebulan criminal mastermind before joining with us.  Cyclonus often finds himself at odds with the dishonorable pest.

ABILITIES: Cyclonus;' power is second only to mine.  He is highly intelligent and a skilled as a warrior and lieutenant.  His jet mode is capable of inter-solar system travel and is armed with laser cannons and a incendiary bomb rack.  His targetmaster transforms into a black beam gun that fires a corrosive stream of black light.

WEAKNESSES: Cyclonus knows no fear and no weakness.  His Targettmaster ish his only vulnerable component.

The above text is taken from the Dreamwave's Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #7.  I highly recommend you get yourself a copy today!

Other appearances: Nightstick has made no other appearances in the TF Universe.

Other appearances, continued: In addition to his original form released in 1986, Cyclonus has made another appearance, as a BotCon Exclusive in 2002.  A GREAT recolor of the Beast Machines Ultra Jetstorm figure.  There's also the Cyclonus of the Armada series, a different individual with the same name.