Allegiance: Autobot|
Sub-Group: Targetmaster
Function: Data Courier
First Cartoon Appearance:
Transformers: The Movie  (pre-Targetmaster)
The Rebirth, Part 3 as a Targetmaster
First Comic Appearance:
TF: The Movie, #1 (pre-Targetmaster)
The Headmasters #4, as a Targetmaster

"The faster it is, the better I like it."

Profile: Blurr is the fastest Autobot in motion and in conversation.  He talks non-stop and continuously -if no one tells him to put a sock in it.  He is a superior messenger because he can whisk information from one place to another, so fast that he is a blur in motion -hence his name -and almost a blur in giving his report until he's told to slow it down to a thousand words a minute or something somebody can understand.  He is rather nervous and high strung ...not unusual for an Autobot who sometimes seems to be part thoroughbred Cybertronian race horse (if there were such a thing!).  But he is courageous and loyal and determined to do what's required whether it's dangerous or not.

His Targetmaster partner Haywire is an excitable youth from Nebulan and makes an excellent match for the always-on-the-move Blurr. With his energy and enthusiasm, he's one of the few Nebulans who can keep Blurr's pace!  Haywire enjoyed his popularity among his friends but always felt a deeper calling to escape the clicks and social groupings of his peers and "make the Universe a better place."  This idealistic liberal was reluctant, but is ultimately glad he made the decision to leave his homeworld behind and fight the evil Decepticons. 

Abilities: In robot mode, he carries an electro laser that reverses the polarity of an enemy robot's microcircuits and leaves them motionless.  His humanoid mode is built for speed and he looks longer and leaner than most of his fellow Autobots.  When he's in his vehicular mode, he is a race car that routinely breaks the speed of sound and them some, leaving a trailing image as he races across great distances.

Weaknesses: While advantageous, Blurr's speed can also be a detriment.  As a ground vehicle with the ability to break the speed barrier, he has a tendancy to inadvertently crash into stationary objects or even take off in flight if he's not careful.

Other Appearances:  There was the original Blurr released in 1986, not a Targetmaster.  The targetmaster version is slightly remolded (larger hand holes to accomodate larger gun handle, and hole in top of vehicle mode also to accommodate gun)  There was also a Blurr Autobot character released in 2003 as part of the TF:Armada line, presumably not the same individual.  Then, 20 years later this same Blurr character came back, part of the TF: Cybertron line in 2005.