Allegiance: Vehicon

Function: Vehicon General

"There are no rules on
the road -only the victors
and the scrap metal."

First Cartoon Appearance:
Fires of the Past 

Another toy pic -cycle mode

Want info on getting your hands on those kickin' stands so the toy can stand on its wheel?
Click HERE.

Click HERE to read the Tech Specs.  By the way, what's the deal!?  Check out how this toy is transformed even more wrong tha cycle drone is transformed on his tech spec!  Sheesh, it's like someone at the toy factory has something against poor ole-Thrust!

Other Appearances: Tons actually! The first TF w/ the name Thrust was a G1 Decepticon hover-jet There was also the Thrust of the Japanese BW2 line, and the Cycle drone toy which looks a lot more like Thrust than the actual Thrust toy to me!  And the Thrust of '03 TF Armada.