Legends Class
Revenge of the Fallen
Constructicon Devastator

Affiliation: Decepticon
Subgroup: Constructicon

Alternate modes: various construction vehicles

First Appearance: Transformers 2,
Revenge of the Fallen

First comic appearance: Transformers: none

Bibliography of significant appearances: Considering his physical size and the complexity of the 3D model produced to render him, Constructicon Devastators' own appearance in Revenge of the Fallen was quite brief.  As Devastator he had a brief skirmish with Skids and Mudflap and proceeded to "remodel the pyramid" before taking a very large tumble, in true King Kong -like fashion.  A fitting end for his monkey like form.




Character description from package: 
Never before has a robot so powerful been seen anywhere in the galaxy.  Indeed, few forces on Earth can match the strength and fury of Consttructicon Devastator.  He is the equal of Earth's most powerful storms -ferocious destroyer of all in his path.  He is so huge that the very thought of engaging in direct combat against him makes even the stoutest Autobot quake in fear.  No one knows how to defeat him, but if the Autobots hope for victory, they will need to find a way.

Other Appearances:

- 1985 - original Constructicon team comprised of Long Haul, Scrapper, Hook, Mixmaster, Scavenger, Bonecrusher unite to form Devastator
- 1990Action Master Devastator,
- 1993 - G2 yellow recolor Constructicon set unites to form Devastator (components sold separately, no giftset available), G2 Orange recolor Constructicon set unites to form Devastator also.
- 2004 - Energon "Constructicons" comprised of: Steamhammer, Duststorm, Sledge, Wideload & Bonecrusher, unite to form: "Constructicon Maximus."  (No Devastator here!)  Then, there were the Universe Micromaster recolor Constructicons, comprised of: Bonecrusher, Buckethead, Hightower, Long Haul, Quickmix and Scavenger unite to form: Constructicon Devastator
- 2006 - Universe Constructicons (R.I.D. construction vehicle recolors) comprised of Bonecrusher and Scavenger, Long Haul and High Tower merge to form: 
- 2007 - Classics Constructicon Devastator, comprised of Scavenger, Long Haul, Decepticon Scrapper, Hightower, Bonecrusher.
- 2008 - There were two characters in Transformers: Animated called Constructicons Scrapper and Mixmaster, who shockingly, were not produced as toys and did not combine to form Devastator.  The third member of this "group" named Dirtboss was rumored to have been a central portion of a combining Constructicon team had the show/toy line continued.
- 2009 - The most bizzare assembly of "Constructicons" are sort of comprised of 
Longhaul: Robot Heroes, Fast Action Battler, Voyager Class
Mixmaster: Robot HeroesVoyager Class
Rampage: Robot Heroes, Deluxe figure
Demolisher: Voyager class,
High Tower: No toys made except those that come with the Supreme Class toy and Legends Combiner
Scrapper: Like high tower, there were no toys made of this character except the non-transforming version of the supreme toy and the Legends Class giftset.
who unite to form Constructicon Devastator: Supreme Class (comprised of all of the above *except* no Over Load), And the Devastator Showdown Playset, It is not comprised of any constructicions it is a vehicle playset for the "RPM" type toys.
- 2010 - Legends Class giftset combiner

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