Botcon 2009
Wings of Honor:

"Where all others fail, I stand able to succeed."

Affiliation: Autobot
Elite Commando

Alternate mode: 
Truck Cab

First cartoon appearance: none

First comic appearance: Botcon 2009 Exclusive comic

Character description from package "tech spec": A decisive leader who is never afraid to take action, he commands the instant respect and loyalty of every soldier he takes under his wings.  with a razor sharp mind, and a reputation for rescuing troops under his command from disastrous situations. Thunderclash is considered an ideal mentor to initiate new recruits into the Autobot ranks.  Determine that all of his work be marked with excellence, he encourages those who serve under him to become the finest soldiers they can be.  ever mindful of a looming civil war between Autobots and Decepticons, Thunderclash monitors the outer rim territories onboard his ship, the Eight Track, and frequently trains his crew for a possible Decepticon assault.  When engaged in combat, his weapon of choice is a high-powered hand-held mortar capable of launching plasma shells a distance of up to 10 kilometers.  In robot mode, his shoulder cannons will introduce any adversary in his way to his unique 12-missile-power defense system.

Other Appearances:

Bibliography of significant appearances: In this toy form, his only fictional appearance is in the Botcon 2009 comic, Wings of Honor.  Whether he makes any appearances in the collector club comic remains to be seen.




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