Botcon 2009
Anniversary Special

"All good things do indeed succumb to those who wait!"

Affiliation: Predacon
Function: Predacon Commander

Alternate mode: technoorganic lion

First cartoon appearance: none

First comic appearance: Botcon 2009 Exclusive comic











Character description from "tech spec": 
At the end of the Third Cybertronian War, the Decepticon army, at long last, was no more.  With many Decepticons destroyed or in hiding, Razorclaw came to realize that if the autobots were to ever be defeated, a new army must carry on the fight.  A Predacon Army!  In time the "Predacon" empire became the main opposition to the Autobots.  They attacked Cybertron with ferocity never before seen.  The Predacons appeared to have a chance at achieving what the Decepticons never could... victory!  However, just as with the Decepticons, treachery and deceit existed within the Predacon ranks, and the three who would become the Tripredacus Council assassinated Razorclaw... or so it was believed.  Now, many stellar cycles after the reformatting of Cybertron, the Predacons have returned, with razorclaw once again leading the army.  What happened and how he returned is a mystery.  what is known is that he is stronger and more determined than ever, and he will do what is needed to take back Cybertron and destroy every last Maximal!

Other Appearances:

Bibliography of significant appearances: In this toy form, his only fictional appearance is in the Botcon 2006 comic, Dawn of Futures's Past.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed that his story is fully told!

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