Botcon 2009
Wings of Honor:

Affiliation: Autobot
Function: Shock Trooper

Alternate mode: Cybertronian Mobile Missile Battery

First cartoon appearance: none

First comic appearance: Botcon 2009 Exclusive comic

"Always be prepared.  If you can be lucky, do that too."

Character description from "tech spec": 
An experienced 'alien fighter' who forged his career in the Cybertronian revolution, Flak is a fearsome opponent.  Space pirates, mutants, Transorganics... Flak has fought them all, first as a security officer, then as an explorer, and finally as a shock trooper under Thunderclash's command.  He does not yearn for battle but it is his only marketable skill.  Off the battlefield, combat doesn't interest him; it is his job, he does it when needed and he does it well.  Each of his weapons carries a unique feature: incendiary missile launchers conceal an acid burst cannon and an electron blaster.  He carries a negative energy freeze rifle and has concussive force blasters concealed in his optics.  An expert tactician and long-range combatant, he lacks finesse as a melee brawler.  Flak sometimes has difficulty adjusting his tactics for use against Cybertronian foes. 

Other Appearances:

Bibliography of significant appearances: In this toy form, his only fictional appearance is in the Botcon 2009 comic, Wings of Honor.  Whether he makes any appearances in the collector club comic remains to be seen.






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