Revenge of the Fallen,
Deluxe Class

Affiliation: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Audi R8

First movie appearance: Transformers Revenge

First comic appearance: Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, Movie Adaptation #1

Character description from package: 
Back on Cybertron, Sideways was a simple courier who avoided combat at all costs.  He tried to always remain in the shadow of larger Decepticons, where the Autobots might not notice him.  On Earth, he's keeping much the same practice.  He teamed up with Demolisher early on, and hopes that if the Autobots find them, the big Constructicon can keep him safe.

Other Appearances:

Bibliography of significant appearances:
Unfortunately, the sum total of Sideways fictional appearances are shown to the left.  A fleeting glimpse of his robot mode, exploding through and apartment building before transforming to a stunningly spectacular Audi R8, and getting sliced in half by Sideswipe.  I guess Audi corporation was not willing to pay as high of promotional fees to the makers of Revenge of the Fallen as General Motors!  R.I.P. Sideways!

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