Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, deluxe class:

Affiliation: Autobot

Alternate mode: 2010 Concept Corvette

First movie appearance: Transformers 
Revenge of the Fallen

First comic appearance: Transformers, 
Movie prequel
Alliance, #4

Character description from package: 
Sideswipe was built to fight.  He is sleek, fast, and single minded in battle, focusing on his enemy with absolute attention.  His blades are a shining blur as he leaps through the air, twisting to avoid enemy fire.  Converting from vehicle to robot at blinding speed, he uses every trick in the book to get close to his opponent, and put his powerful swords to work.

Other Appearances:

Bibliography of significant appearances: Sideswipe made a brief cameo appearance in the movie prequel "Alliance" issue #4 and a significant number of appearance throughout Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

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