Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Class

Affiliation: Decepticon

Alternate Mode: 
Excavator, Earth Mover

First movie appearance: Transformers Revenge

First comic appearance: Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, Movie Adaptation #1

Character description from package: 
Demolisher isn't very bright, but he knows when to fight, and when to run and hide.  Arriving on Earth to find Megatron destroyed, hiding seemed like the best option.  Since then, He's taken a few smaller Decepticons under his protection and built quite a little community.  It hasn't been easy, hiding among the humans that creep like a disease over this planet, but he and his companions are content to wait until a new Decepticon leader emerges to guide them back to glory.

Other Appearances:

- 2002Armada Demolishor, (sorry I've got it spelled wrong on this page! It's really, "Demolishor."
- 2003 - Armada "Powerlinx" Demolisher, (used in fiction as Shattered Glass Demolishor.
- 2004Energon Demolishor (recolor), Energon Demolisher (dump truck)
- 2006Cybertron Demolishor
- 2009 - Revenge of the Fallen Demolishor, Robot Heroes Demolishor (in Shanghai Shootout set)

Bibliography of significant appearances:
Demolisher plays a significant role in the introduction sequence of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  Whether he is assassinated or merely deactivated by Optimus Prime is subject to personal interpretation.  So too is whether he is a member of the Constructicon team that forms Devastator...

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