"I'm the best at what I do, bub!"

Affiliation: X-Men
Function: Hero

Alternate mode:  ATV

Weapon: Pop-out Adamantium Claws

First Cartoon Appearance: none as this toy form

First Comics Appearance: None, in this toy form
A shame, no?  I think these figures would make for a great Crossovers comic series!

Basing their designs on alien technology, Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man create powerful new battle suits for the heroes of Earth.

Built to match the toughness and ferocity of Wolverine himself, this battle suite is fast, scrappy, and able to take a pounding that would turn other mechs into scrap.  Advanced repair systems fix most damage done almost instantly.  In addition, the mech mode pops out claws sharp enough to rip through almost any armor!

Other Appearances:

- 2008 - The only Transformers version of Wolverine, the Transformers Crossovers toy.

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