(Voyager) Bulkhead

"I kind of broke this thing.  And those things.  And that pile of stuff over there.  Sorry."

Affiliation: Autobot 
Function: Space Bridge Technician

Alternate mode: Armored Personal Carrier
Weapon: Wrecking Ball.

First cartoon appearance: Transformers Animated, intro movie, Transform and Roll Out

We would like to extend a special thank you to Cartoon Network PR Dept for providing us with official character bios and information.

(Voiced by Bill Fagerbakke)

Every team needs its “muscle” and BULKHEAD is it. Designed primarily for demolition, BULKHEAD is a bull in a china shop, whether he wants to be or not. In battle, he’s your greatest weapon. Everywhere else… well, hide the breakables. He’s not overly clumsy, but he’s like a big overly enthusiastic dog who doesn’t know his own size or strength. BULKHEAD has a natural curiosity about humans and their culture. He’s especially interested in art, something that doesn’t exist on Cybertron. On some level the creative urge is an attempt to compensate for all the destruction—deliberate or inadvertent – that he causes. Problem is, most of his “creations” either fall apart, don’t look a thing like what he says they are, or are just plain ugly. Not that anyone would ever tell BULKHEAD that to his face.

Robot Mode Power: BULKHEAD is easily the strongest of the AUTOBOTS. That combined with battering ram arms make him the ultimate “Demolition Bot.”

Vehicle Mode Appearance: S.W.A.T. Assault Vehicle.

Character description from package "tech spec":  If there's one thing Bulk is really good at, it's smashing stuff.  It's his specialty.  In fact, he's so good at it that he's even good at it when he doesn't mean to be.  In a fight, you can count on him to smash the Decepticons, nearby parked cars, other Autobots, low-floating billboards, and occasionally himself.  the irony of it is that he's a natural builder who loves to make things.  He would much rather be creating something, but when you are as big and strong as he is, stuff just sort of seems to get smashed.

Galactic Powers and Abilities:
> Really amazingly strong.  But not very agile.
> Talanted painter and sculpter.
> Can throw or launch smaller Autobots up to one mile.

Other appearances: In all of the Transformers mythology, there has been only one other character with the name Bulkhead.  A large green helicopter in the Transformers Energon series of 2004 (sorry, no character page yet).  In that series he was the elderly persona among Autobots.  Since some fans consider Energon to take place in the far future, perhaps one can consider these to be the same?  It's up to you and your personal "fanon."

In this year 2008, there is also the larger (top notch!) Leader Class Bulkhead

Bibliography of significant appearances: One could argue that Bulkhead is the most featured character in the entire Transformers Animated series.  His character has been heavily featured in the following episodes: 
Transformers Animated Movie introduction, " Transform and Roll Out" parts 2 and part 3
03 Blast from the Past
07 Sound and Fury
09 Survival of the Fittest
10 Headmaster
19 Rise of the Constructicons
22 Autoboot Camp
25 A Bridge Too Close, part 1
26 A Bridge Too Close, part 2

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